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August 02, 2022
Notifications at Genemod
With Genemod's Notification feature, you no longer have to spend hours searching for critical events or files or reorder last-minute inventory supplies to conduct an experiment.

Unlock insights and get notified of key activities through Notifications

There are always tons of tasks and responsibilities to keep track of while scientists are conducting their research in the lab. Getting a holistic view of what needs your attention is tough when you're heads-down working. Genemod's new Notification feature highlights critical aspects such as when a reagent is running low and needs to be reordered, or when you have been assigned to a project, or even when a colleague has mentioned you in an experiment. The notification feature will provide you with valuable reminders, communication from colleagues, or other timely information.

Collaboration has never been easier

Genemod's Notification feature is not your traditional spam-like notification center. You will only be notified of the critical activities happening that need your attention. You can find the notification bell icon at the top-right corner of your navigation bar and access it anywhere on the platform.

Notifications are categorized as Projects, Inventory, Mentions, and Unread. You have the ability to filter out what type of notifications you want to view and mark notifications as read. The functionality of Genemod's notification feature is endless when it comes to managing your day-to-day in the laboratory.

No matter how your team needs lab management, Genemod has a solution to fit your needs. Contact us for a demo or sign up for free to see how Genemod can help you manage your lab today.

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